why hello.

hello. i don’t really know how this will all turn out in the end but i’m hoping that this will help me chronicle my life adventure (ha!) and give me great things to look back on. i guess i didn’t really do a whole lot of adventurous things today. i went to work (yawn) and then i had a doctor appointment, and then i went to lunch with my dad and his friend. we were talking about the current controversy of gun control and that the colorado governor just signed a bill that would limit the size of magazines on guns, but that brought up a gun safety class that my dad’s friend aaron took in the small town of lovell, wyoming. so now my dad and i are looking into taking that class together so that i can get a concealed permit when i move to salt lake city later this year. i also think we’re going to take the advanced course after we take the beginners course. the course is really just for me because i have never really gone through any hunters safety or gun class, but i am very pro-right to bear arms and am definitely more comfortable knowing there is a gun that i can use at my house!

anyways, after that i came home and did a little bit of cleaning and catching up on television (uh hello bad girl elena in the vampire diaries!) and eventually made my way up to go to frozen yogurt with my friend marisa. we ended up sitting there for two hours catching up (we hadn’t seen each other since last summer). then i finally decided i probably needed to head to the gym or i wouldn’t go at all. so i worked out and then came home and am now about to fall asleep.

at the gym i tried a couple of different things i saw on pinterest today. first i put a little bit of a twist on my squats.


you get into a normal squat position holding a kettlebell (i used a medicine ball since my gym doesn’t seem to believe in kettlebells) and then you lift one heel off the floor and do your reps. GOOD HELL. this really does work if you are in the right position and really go slow and get as low as you can. my inner thighs already are sore and it’s only been two hours since i got home.


then i did this. and i don’t really know what “this” is other than if you have your legs perfect like she has her legs in the picture and then if you pull your back up off the floor.. it’s almost better than planks (at least i think so). i could really feel this working my core.

i think that i will definitely be doing both of these a few times a week at the gym. i really could feel my muscles working.

i also found the hair i want. when i reach my first weight loss goal i will probably reward myself with a trip to the salon. i have always loved blonde hair and i have been blonde a few times, always dying it back to brown (the future cosmetologist in me knows better, i know) and then back for summer. so this time i have been letting my hair grow and only using a demi-permanent hair color and only coloring it slightly to keep some dimension in my hair so it doesn’t look flat. i have also decided that if i do color my hair like this, i will have to remain a blonde – which i am fine with. really.


so anyways.. sorry for the rambling blog post but i suppose pinterest was pretty good to me today!!

one last thing:

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 12.34.25 AM

if anyone wants to buy this for me, i wouldn’t say no. it’s an olloclip camera and you read more about them here.

hopefully in the next few days i’ll do a post about spring trends and some of my most recent buys!


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