another week gone.

you know when you want something so badly that you tell yourself you’ll do anything to get it? yeah? well that’s what i keep telling myself to do, but i just want too many things i’ve decided. i have a list of things i want to accomplish in the next few years, places i have to visit, things i want to buy. among the many things on this very long list is my desire to buy a new car. currently i am driving a car on loan from my parents. however, they have no use for the car once i buy my own so they are kind enough to let me trade it in. (hooray!)

so today i went with my mom to a car dealership here and town and i drove a couple of cars, just to kind of get a feeling for what i wanted. i have always loved ford edge’s, and i thought for sure i was set on one of those. i drove one today and i really liked it a lot, but now i’m beginning to realize how freaking expensive it would be and how many years it would take me to pay it off! so i’m looking into other options that are more affordable.

here are my top four:

2010_Ford_Fusion_Hybrid_2_--_08-21-2009 07_Nissan_Sentra

1. a ford fusion hybrid                                  2. a nissan sentra

url-1 url

3. a volkswagon jetta hybrid                                        4. a hyundai sonata

obviously i want a white car.

anyways. i’m not really sure when i will end up buying a new car but i would like to make that my top priority in the coming months. so if you have an suggestions or recommendations: PLEASE LET ME KNOW! i want something with good fuel economy, preferably around  $25k and under!

in other news-

today i went to a birthday party, i put together a rack that goes over your toilet in the bathroom, cleaned and organized the bathroom i share with my little brother, and bought les miserable (which i have yet to see by the way).

tomorrow i will go to church and then come home and probably take a nap, and then either force my family to watch les mis with me or watch it alone. either way.. i’m watching it.

p.s. – i leave for las vegas in a week! is it too soon to start packing?!


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